A4Tech Webcam PKS-635G driver download

A4Tech Webcam PKS-635G driver download Free for PC
PKS-635G driver Technical:
  1. A4Tech PKS-635G Webcam driver Support Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft XP, Microsoft Windows, Vista [32-bit or 64-bit)
  2. A4Tech PKS-635G Webcam driver Support Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 (or 8.1), Microsoft Windows 10 [32-bit or 64-bit)

Features: For MJ & E Series
License Free
Latest Version: 12.0
Release: 2013-08-09
File Name: http://www.a4tech.com/driver/A4_IM_Magician.zip
Size: 30.2MB

  • Instructions on how to download and install PKS-635G driver correctly:
1) press the ' file name ' to download the drivers. and save the to PC.
2) locate the file and file Extrax became exe, so you can install in the PC file 'PKS-635G' in the form of 'zip' "
3) press twice on the exe file to install the PKS-635G drivers and follow the screen instructions.

5) If completed, you need to restart the computer.

*For All PKS-635G a PC driver with ZIP format. You need to install WinZip before installing the drivers.

* If unable to open Webcam A4Tech PKS-635G driver, then remove or UNINSTALL Webcam driver PKS-635G original,. (then can install A4Tech PKS-635G driver)

Source: http://a4tech.com/

About A4Tech Webcam PKS-635G

Inconvenience totally free plug as well as play installation for both Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.4.8 and above. Anti glare coating removes reflections as well as color dampening. Automatically low-light setting modification. HIFI microphone provides crisp and natural audio. Intelligent multisampling video clip transmission preserves high imaging top quality. Mountable and adjustable on both laptop computers as well as LCD monitors.

It's not the tiniest web cam I've ever seen yet it is among the thinnest webcam that I have actually found. It stands 5.5 inches consisting of the stand. The width in its front is 1.25 inch as well as the side's size is 0.75 inch. The cam features a CD driver that's virtually fool-proof to install.

My old webcam has a separate lens cover which I lost lot of times but fortunately found it anywhere each time it obtained lost. I personally like just how the lens cover of this A4Tech Viewcam works. The silver-colored body of

this A4Tech webcam serves as the lens cover as well. I just need to glide it to obtain the lens prepared and gliding it up covers the lens. At the upper left part of the webcam is a silver switch that instantly switches the video camera on when pushed. A yellow light at the left side of the lens turns on when the web cam is in usage.

I must confess the quality of this A4Tech web cam is not that high in top quality compared with my Logitech webcam. The contrast is fairly bad no matter how I change it but it offers its basic objective.

This cam has a built-in microphone yet I could inform that the individual I'm talking to doesn't hear me well because of so many

"just what?!" that I typically get so I constantly utilize a separate microphone that features my earphone throughout PC-to-PC conversations.

For me, the only thing that compensates with the absence of video clip as well as microphone quality is its adaptable stand. It can be bent to any kind of side and I can turn it without ever lifting the cam so I do not need to relocate around the computer system table when I need to record the various angles of the area. That's really fantastic.

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