A4Tech Webcam PKS-732G driver download

A4Tech Webcam PKS-732G driver download Free for PC

PKS-732G driver Technical:
  1. A4Tech PKS-732G Webcam driver Support Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft XP, Microsoft Windows, Vista [32-bit or 64-bit)
  2. A4Tech PKS-732G Webcam driver Support Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 (or 8.1), Microsoft Windows 10 [32-bit or 64-bit)

Features: For MJ & E Series
License Free
Latest Version: 12.0
Release: 2013-08-09
File Name: http://www.a4tech.com/driver/A4_IM_Magician.zip
Size: 30.2MB

  • Instructions on how to download and install PKS-732G driver correctly:
1) press the ' file name ' to download the drivers. and save the to PC.
2) locate the file and file Extrax became exe, so you can install in the PC file 'PKS-732G' in the form of 'zip' "
3) press twice on the exe file to install the PKS-732G drivers and follow the screen instructions.

5) If completed, you need to restart the computer.

*For All PKS-732G a PC driver with ZIP format. You need to install WinZip before installing the drivers.

* If unable to open Webcam A4Tech PKS-732G driver, then remove or UNINSTALL Webcam driver PKS-732G original,. (then can install A4Tech PKS-732G driver)

Source: http://a4tech.com/

About A4Tech Webcam PKS-732G

Live Messenger 16M WebCam - Make Live Video Contact us to Friends as well as Household!

Ruddy Lighting LEDs - aesthetic result on you face

High Picture Quality as well as Absolutely no Lag Time - Video clip resolution as much as 8.0 M pixels inserted image * and also at 30 frameworks per second

Driver-free chipset

Snap-shot button

Conveniently dealt with by the suctuon base

Automatically AdjustImage Top quality-- Makes certain perfect picture every single time. Automatic exposure control and white balance adjustment. Focus range from 10cm to infinity.

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