UGEE EX05 Drivers Download

To be able to use or connect Your UGEE EX05 make sure to install UGEE EX05 driver software on the PC/Laptop/Notebook/Computer. below is available download UGEE EX05 drivers/software that you need.
UGEE EX05 Drivers Download free

UGEE EX05 Drivers Download

DOWNLOAD 6.8MB ↔ UGEE EX05 Driver, added: 2017-06-21 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit and 64bit)

DOWNLOAD 13.2MB ↔ UGEE EX05 Driver, Added: 2017-06-21 for Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13

Your anti virus program may prevent complete removal or successful setup of your UGEE EX05 Driver( s).

When installing the Ugee EX05 driver, we advise you to follow the listed below steps:
  • Disable anti virus program on your computer
  • Uninstall all graphics tablet driver you have on your computer
  • Detach your Ugee EX05 tablet from your computer system
  • Reboot computer system
  • Examine that your anti virus programme is still off
  • Download the right driver as Administrator
  • Unzip downloaded Ugee EX05 file to another folder
  • Open the new unzipped folder
  • Select Setup.exe and begin setup as Administrator
  • Reconnect your Ugee EX05 tablet after installation is completed
For More information please see Ugee EX05 User Manual

UGEE EX05 Review

The Ugee EX05 is a graphics tablet by Ugee that intends to provide tablet users an inexpensive option when choosing a dependable tablet. Let's see if this tablet actually is trustworthy or if it 'd be best to select another product. The Ugee EX05 came packaged with the tablet itself, wireless pen, pen holder and tablet documents.

Installing the tablet motorists were fairly easy however if for some reason they don't work out of package they can be discovered on Ugee's site. Constantly make certain to remove any old motorists from your computer system prior to installing brand-new ones to prevent any common problems that may arise during setup. Because setup was fairly straightforward we can get on to the review. he Ugee EX05 included an active area of 8.0 x 5.0 inches, which is a typical size for a graphics tablet. I would have enjoyed with an extra inch or more, but it's excusable.

As an individual with bigger hands, I have the tendency to prefer larger active areas over smaller ones but you also have to consider the rate of the tablet when examining how reasonable the active location size is for a tablet.

All in all, the average tablet user need to be fine dealing with this size of an active area on a tablet. The Ugee EX05 included no express keys however featured 13 "softkeys" located at the top of the active location of the tablet. These softkeys are pre-programmed with basic faster ways that are commonly used when drawing such as copying, pasting and cutting. There were nevertheless a couple of odd options such as a shortkey to open Word and PowerPoint and one to open your email. I do not know about you but I do not usually have to open PowerPoint when I'm working on a drawing.

The cynic in me thinks they may have consisted of these keys to pad up the number of keys on the tablet however that's simply a theory. The Ugee EX05 had a very thin width, making it extremely portable and easily store-able when not in use.

It felt great utilizing this tablet on my lap and it was so light it nearly seemed like I was drawing on a note pad sometimes. I would beware when moving this graphics tablet around, though. Due to it's thin size I'm not exactly sure this thing could make it through anything aside from a light fall. The Ugee EX05 is a graphics tablet with a variety of flaws that stop it from being anything other than average.

The tablet included an active area of 8.0 x 5.0 inches, which is a relatively average sized active location. The Ugee EX05 had no express keys however had 13 "softkeys" pre-programmed with standard shortcuts for you to use. The surface of the tablet was really smooth and the thinness of the tablet made it easily portable and store-able. Just don't drop it.

The stylus that included the Ugee EX05 included 2048 levels of pressure and average responsiveness with occasional instances of lag. The two programmable buttons consisted of in the pen can be set utilizing the included motorists to execute specific faster ways on press.

Unfortunately the stylus needed a AAA battery in order to operate and the battery life of the stylus was just average at finest. The Ugee EX05 is a fairly typical tablet however I do think it is a bargain at it's current rate. If you're looking for a bargain graphics tablet, this may just be it.
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