UGEE UG-2150 Drivers Download

To be able to use or connect Your UGEE UG-2150 make sure to install UGEE UG-2150 driver software on the PC/Laptop/Notebook/Computer. below is available download UGEE UG-2150 drivers/software that you need.

UGEE UG-2150 Drivers Download

DOWNLOAD 4.2MB ↔ Latest driver for G3/M708/M1000L/HK1060 pro/HK1560/UG-1910B/UG-2150 (Windows)

DOWNLOAD 13.2MB ↔ Latest driver for G3/M708/M1000L/HK1060 pro/HK1560/UG-1910B/UG-2150 (Mac)

Your anti virus program may prevent complete removal or successful setup of your UGEE UG-2150 Driver( s).

When installing the Ugee UG-2150 driver, we advise you to follow the listed below steps:
  • Disable anti virus program on your computer
  • Uninstall all graphics tablet driver you have on your computer
  • Detach your Ugee UG-2150 tablet from your computer system
  • Reboot computer system
  • Examine that your anti virus programme is still off
  • Download the right driver as Administrator
  • Unzip downloaded Ugee UG-2150 file to another folder
  • Open the new unzipped folder
  • Select Setup.exe and begin setup as Administrator
  • Reconnect your Ugee UG-2150 tablet after installation is completed
For More information please see Ugee UG-2150 User Manual

UGEE UG-2150 Review

Superb buy. It works in addition to a Cintiq, however has no switches, glass screen, some parallax. Complete HD screen, great viewing angles, great dimension. Rechargeable pen, no eraser, however no lag. Fair cost. Looks specifically like the Huion GT-220, however with a different adjustment stand, and also far better motorists in my opinion. No one's heard of Ugee yet you shouldn't need to worry especially if you purchase from It's actually excellent.

If the terms graphics tablet computer, Wacom, Intuos and Cintiq are already familiar to you, after that avoid to the next section. If you're new at this: a graphics tablet computer is NOT like an iPad, Android tablet computer, or a Surface area Pro. They do not have built-in operative systems that you could interact with individually. Instead, the most standard graphics tablet computers (like Wacom's Intuos and Intuos Pro) are plastic surface areas that you connect into your computer and maps the area of your stylus pen to the location of the computer mouse arrow on your desktop. So, it could change your computer mouse, and allows you make electronic art with boosted precision. A tablet screen is an LCD monitor with graphics tablet modern technology constructed inside, so you can attract straight on this monitor with the included stylus!

Bear in mind, graphics tablets and tablet computer screens are accessories to desktops/laptops, as well as could not deal with their own! If you want to make use of an independently-operating tablet computer, think about buying a Microsoft Surface Area Pro 3, or a Cintiq Friend (different from a routine Cintiq!).

To match the very best, the Ugee 2150 has 2048 levels of stress level of sensitivity, a 1920x1080 display resolution over a 21.5 inch screen with actually wonderful viewing angles, an actually responsive pen with no recognizable lag, and has a VGA, DVI-I, as well as HDMI port. That's all you truly have to recognize. Their web site can tell you that it has 5080 LPI (lines each inch) and also a 233 RPS (report rate), and also a few other technical things, however honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between the 5080 LPI in this item as well as the 4000 LPI on Yiynova's matching. They both really felt fantastic. Do not obtain caught up in the numbers (who's verifying them anyway?)-- all you have to understand is that it works, and it's snappy.

There are many reviews as well as resources to find out more regarding Wacom items. They have actually dominated the sector for years, as well as have been taken into consideration the only company to take seriously in the field of electronic art. If you could pay for a Wacom product, then seriously, go all out. You can not go wrong with their build top quality, style, customer care, and the assistance of numerous musicians who can help you address the issues you may come across. But in regards to value, it actually depends upon that you are. If you're a specialist musician, a Cintiq might be a deserving investment. However as a hobbyist, tired of the reduced end Wacom Bamboo tablet, and food craving the Cintiq form variable, the Ugee is a remarkable compromise.

As I have actually mentioned in the previous section, the display screen resolution is an IPS LCD with native Full HD (1920x1080) resolution, and also 2048 degrees of stress. So, it looks like the Ugee does everything the Cintiq does. As well as I would certainly need to agree, generally. I do not seem like there's anything I can not do on the Ugee that I could do on a Cintiq. Older Cintiq choices have bad viewing angles (color ends up being distorted or washed out when checked out from the sides, top, or bottom), and they were generally smaller sized. But this tool fixes those issues.

There are some sacrifices though. The most significant one being the shiny, glass display. The bright side is that it is really challenging to scratch. The trouble is that it's extremely smooth, and also doesn't feel as all-natural as making use of paper, or on a matte surface area like on a Cintiq. Also, it's exceptionally reflective. So be careful concerning ceiling lights as well as windows. You may need to experiment with the positioning and angle of your gadget in order to see plainly. Personally, I do not mind the glass, and also I have no problems discovering an angle adequate to evade windows and lights. I had a POSRUS-brand matte screen guard (created for the Wacom 22HD) on my Yiynova MVP22U, as well as it will function completely on this device. It lowers glow and provides a good tooth to the drawing surface area. The factor I really did not get one more for the Ugee is because installing a display protector is a headache for a display this large: air bubbles and also dust fragments are almost difficult to eliminate completely.

The second major difference is the lack of Express Keys. That's Wacom's lingo for assignable switches designed to quicken your process, so you don't have to reach throughout your workdesk to use keyboard shortcuts. In the case of the Ugee, you 'd have to do specifically that. If you desire Express Keys, take into consideration the Yiynova MVP22U v3, though its buttons are awkwardly situated on the top of the gadget. I think numerous Bosto tablet computer screens have switches too. Some buttons can be picky, though. If you really, truly actually on buttons or rocker wheels, then I would certainly recommend saving for a Cintiq.

I've reviewed some Youtubers improperly claim that the Ugee has tilt level of sensitivity. Which indicates that, specific programs like Photoshop can identify the angle of the pen as well as change the brush stroke as necessary (just a limited quantity of brushes sustain this function). The Ugee does not sustain tilt delicate brushes at the time of creating. The huge majority of brushes in most software do not support tilt level of sensitivity either, though, so this is rarely a trouble. I stumbled upon another customer who believed "tilt level of sensitivity" meant being able to draw with the pen at a slight tilt. What? Of course you could draw with the pen at an angle. Don't worry about it.

Likewise, the Ugee is smaller compared to the Cintiq 22HD, because it does not have Express Keys. This readies if you have restricted space on your desk.

Last but not least, you usually never ever need to worry about software compatibility with Wacom tablets. With these off-brands, there's never ever any type of guarantee. Also, you will not find any help from the software application developers either. I emailed Mischief about some problems I was having with its compatibility with the Huion GT-190, as well as they simply never ever bothered to respond. Their site mentions that it's only tested on Wacom items. Fortunately, I found that the Ugee (as well as Yiynova items) function fantastic with Mischief (in addition to very unusual, quick hiccups). I'll speak more regarding software program support in a later section.
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